16 May 17

Sunday is junior footy day, but once a year it’s a little bit more than that, it’s the day we celebrate those special ladies in our lives, it’s not ideal on your one special day of the year to have to be up early and head off to such far flung places as JE Moore Park, Eltham, Epping and Diamond Creek on a typically cold Melbourne morning, but that’s what our mum’s did on Sunday supporting their boys and girls playing the game we love.

And it’s not just from the sidelines they show their support, with all our team mangers this year being mum’s, while many others fill the role of team medic, tending to those needing a little bit of TLC on match days, as well as running the boundary, umpire escort, goal umpire and time keeper those key jobs that get our kids on the park every Sunday.

So to our Mums we say Thank you we hope you had a special day, and that you were spoilt just a little bit more by the family on Sunday.

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