24 Jan 19

So far we have 25 members confirmed for 2019 so will be a tough challenging year. An info session and election of office bearers will take place at the club at 630

The club runs a social golf club which has a hit monthly at various local courses and we are on the lookout for new members.
Currently we have 20 golfers of varying skills, maths, foot wedges, rule interpretation etc ranging in handicaps from 11-36. Cost is roughly $100 for the year to get your golf link number and insurance. A normal round will cost you $50 with some refreshments thrown in. If you already have a golf link no we can accommodate you as well. Clearly we have some issues with dress codes but that will be addressed. But first a word from our CEO

Good afternoon all,

Hopefully you are on the wind down as we approach Xmas getting ready to enjoy the festive season. Just wanted to provide a quick update on the Golf club as we move in 2019 and the plans moving forward.

Firstly, in early 2019 (date still to be confirmed) we will hold our first GM at the West Preston Club rooms. 
This meeting provides a platform for all members to have input on the club for 2019 as well as a chance for those that wish to nominate for any of the positions within in the club. 
All positions are up for election so have a think if there are any positions that you would like to be involved with. The key areas could include: booking rounds, prizes, handicapping, financials, sponsorship, president, vice-president……

Secondly, our fees with Golf Victoria are due in early January, so we do need commitment from anyone wishing to become or remain a member in 2019 in writing prior to December 31st. We submit a report to Golf Vic of numbers as at 31st December and are then invoiced based on that.
Please take a moment to respond via email or text message 0433 204 262 and let me know either way as all non-respondents need to be removed from Golflink on 31st.

Enjoy the holiday season and stay safe.


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