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The Cups Tour Visits Harvey Norman Preston
06 Dec 18

In the lead up to the Sydney Olympics in September 2000, the Olympic Torch travelled 36,000 kms, visited more than 10 countries and was held by 13,000 people. Whilst our Cups Tour has yet to reach these heights, we’re going to give it one, almighty crack! This time it was Sean from Harvey Norman Preston’s turn to get his hands on our prized possessions. Being an astute businessman involves lots of skills with one of those key skills being timing. And in Sean’s case, his timing was perfect. He jumped on board just before the finals series and rode the wave of success with both our Senior Women's and Men's teams! Thanks for committing to the Roosters, Sean and we will look forward to a long & mutually beneficial relationship.

As well as providing support to our Club, Harvey Norman Preston is also providing Rooster VIP Cards. The cards effectively cost you zero – you purchase one for $20 and you get a credit to the value of $20 on your next purchase at Harvey Norman Preston. From there on in, your card gets you VIP pricing. The card will get you great pricing for your Xmas shopping and beyond. Please note that these benefits are only redeemable at Preston. To get your card, please pop into the Club and see Dooga (0410 601 637) or give Luciano (0400 815 709) or Fiona (0402 893 259) a call.

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