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Volunteer of the Month -Graham 'Dooga' Mills
23 Aug 17

It's been a busy time but were back with our next Volunteer of the Month. 
Now i know this man will be annoyed at being put in the spotlight but sometimes it just has to be done.
So this month we Salute Graham "Dooga" Mills. 
Few would know him as Graham, it's always been just Dooga. 
Dooga commenced his Love Affair with West way back in 1975 as a junior player, moving through the ranks with a highlights package the envy of many.  
384 Games, including an A Grade premiership in 1988.   
Back to Back B grade Premierships in 92/93 (Capt. in 93), also a stint as B grade coach.
Best clubman in 2003 (A Premiership year) and the prestigous honour of Life Membership in 1997. 20 years on he's still here and still going strong. 
Club secretary 2001-2004
Club President 2005-2012 
Facilities Manager 2013- and counting.
And just for good measure the winner of the time honoured W.L Laurie Tilley award. 
Not a bad list of achievements for the "Quiet Man" of Wests.
The amount of time Dooga puts into our club cannot be counted in hours. It's a labour of love. Dooga remains on the Commitee, with  focus on the continued improvement of our already impressive facilities. Throw in Purchasing of merchandise, copious amounts of paperwork, stocking the bar and pouring the odd beer or 6, spending Saturday home games perched in the scoreboard - keeping our heritage listed scoreboard ticking over and keeping us all in the loop with his team app updates.  Also, just in these past weeks you would have seen him looking dashing in the "baby-blue" Match Day Managers vest  at the recently held Junior finals. 
I could go on, but I think you all get the picture. Dooga is a wonderful servant of our great club, and deserves to be recognised for his continued hard work and dedication to the Mighty Roosters. If I had a dollar for every time I've heard the phrase  "Ask Dooga, he'll know" I'd be a very rich man. 
Graham your club is indebted to you.
We Salute you.

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