10 May 17

A person who voluntarily offers him or herself for a service or undertaking.
A person who performs a service willingly and without pay.

At West Preston Lakeside we survive on our Volunteers – without them we don’t have a club. The work that goes on behind the scenes is at times staggering. Without the time and effort of our dedicated batch of volunteers we would not be where we are today, so we’d like to start recognising our helpers who week in week out give up their time and effort to make our club the great club it is.

So first up is the Great Kevin Hardy.

Kevin is a local legend everybody knows and loves Kev. He’s not just that annoying Collingwood fan, and he’s the lifeblood of a football club.
Kev never pulled on the red white and blue jumper, he’s never had children play at the club, so why’s he here? Why does he do what he does? What keeps him coming back?

I posed these questions to Kev to learn some more about how he came to be at Wests.

“Well I moved into the area about 15 years ago and noticed the ground was very close to my new home. Being such a lover of Football I ventured down one day to check out the place. I was immediately welcomed into the rooms and made to feel like a member of the family. It was such a friendly welcoming place that I never left. l love this Football club and the people in it. They have become my family. I don’t want to be anywhere else”.

Now Kev makes everyone at Wests feel like they are at home, with a friendly word for all, on Senior Match days, being the first person at the clubrooms waiting for the doors to open, so he can assist with the ground set up and then do his umpire escort duties for all three senior sides. He travels to all away games to continue his role and support his boys.

Sundays he’s back again first here waiting to help set up the grounds and then offer his services to any sides that need a hand. Training nights, the boys never go without water as the bottles are filled well before they arrive, the gear is out on the track ready for them to go.
That’s just some of what Kevin Hardy does for this great club of ours, not for money or glory but for the love of the club.

And for that, Kevin, thank you from everyone at the club for what you do for us. 

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