25 May 20

Ivanhoe Results
3 sets of brothers, father-son-daughter, 9 A grade Premiership players, half a dozen club champions, 8 former under 19s inc 3 premiership captains, 4 × 2s Coaches, presidents, secretaries, treasurers, canteen Managers, a couple who have served time from the club & a couple who should've, a couple Life Members, a few slow moving amniotes, a bloke who took 7-34 in a district grand final aides by a lass who took out the deck at the last bbq on the deck amongst some pretty ordinary golfers

1st Sprigg
2nd Keys
3rd JR
Drive & Chip
1st Sprigg
4th Sprigg
7th JR
12th Dobby
15th Ganno
18th J Pot
Longest Drive
16th Luke

Next Game Melbourne Airport June 21st
New Members Welcome

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