10 Sep 19

Thursday 12 September, 2019 is our national day of action dedicated to reminding everyone that every day is the day to ask, “ARE YOU OK?” and support those struggling with life’s ups and downs. Take some time out on that day to ask a friend, loved one or colleague “R U OK?” Sometimes a conversation can make all the difference. Trust the signs, trust your gut, ask R U OK?

At the Roosters we are one large family who through the course of a season suffer our ups and downs – some privately, some publicly. The comforting thought throughout these trials and tribulations is you’re not alone. You may think at times you are, but there is always someone their willing to listen and help. While the 12th September is the national day for the R U Ok? campaign, the other 364 days in the year are just as important and the goal of the day is to educate people in being comfortable to ask a loved one, or a friend 365 days a year “ARE YOU OK?” At the bottom of the page are listed some tips from the R U Ok? web page to help you along.

When putting this post together the tragic news of Danny Frawley’s passing hit the airwaves. While most of us would never have met Danny, we all know him from his playing days at St. Kilda, coaching the Tigers, and more recently his media work but also as a Champion of Mental Health issues sharing his journey through his own dark days. While the football world is doing it hard this week with Danny’s loss, many of our juniors will know and love him from his work on the Bounce on Fox Footy and his Golden Fist, so as a first step ask your kids, are they ok? Ask your partner, ask your friends and Listen to the answer, your response and support could be the first step to that person seeking help.

The club’s Welfare Officers and club Chaplain are always available to you – not just during the footy season, and a list of support organisations are listed on our website. It is not comprehensive but a good starting point.

Know this – As a Rooster, you will never walk alone. R U OK?

Some tips to get you started…. Learn how to ask R U OK? and encourage others to do the same

It can be confronting to start a conversation with a loved one we’re worried about and part of this apprehension revolves around what to do if someone answers “No”. To help people overcome this fear and respond safely and sensitively, R U OK? has developed a four-step framework to guide people through a conversation.

1. Ask R U OK?
2. Listen
3. Encourage action
4. Check in

R U OK? is an independent, not-for-profit organisation committed to reducing suicide by encouraging regular, meaningful conversations. It is an open source campaign which means conversation tips, guides and resources – including more information on these four steps – are free and can be downloaded from our website The resources are designed to build your confidence in using these four steps and help you encourage the people in your school, workplace, sports club and community to do the same. Make this the year you download, read and share them.

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