23 Sep 19

We Won – That’s it were done see you in 2020!

Ok ok you want more. Cast your mind back to the 25th of May. The NFNL ladder had West’s 10th on the ladder (last) 0-6 with a % of 61.7. Alarm bells going off everywhere you would think? West’s are gone, obituaries are being written across the NFNL!

That’s what the rest of the league were saying. Not inside the 4 walls of J.E.Moore Park. Yeah we were in a spot of bother sure, nothing to be worried about you could sense a change in the air, the winds were changing

Fast track 12 rounds later 4th on the ladder 10-8 with a percentage of 104.71%. That’s a 10-2 run at 138.61% and we’re alive come finals time, full of confidence and heading to our happy place. PCO.

Week 1 Monty – Tick
Week 2 Heidelberg – Tick
Week 3 North Heidelberg – Tick
Week 4 Greensborough – Tick!

I could write for hours on the heroics that played out in the Grand Final. There were so many magical moments, clutch marks, tackles, smothers, blocks. This was a team on the same page, playing for one purpose – The Team!

Doggie (Mr September) got the BOG from the ump’s it could have been anyone. The boys were all Brilliant doing what was required on the day to get the job done. 22 names that will live in a Rooster folklore. There were hard luck stories there always is, our hearts go out those boys who missed selection. 24 doesn’t go into 22. Then there’s the injured boys who’ve been a constant support throughout. This was a Premiership won on the collective of all not just the 22 on the field, and that’s without mentioning the Brains Trust, Robbie and his coaching staff, what can you say about them? I’ll leave you to come up with your own Superlatives after a long season I’m running out out of steam.

And to our 23rd Player, you our loyal supporters, we dominated the crow. Iit was a sea of Red White and Blue, and boy did we make some noise! Thank you for all your support, you never dropped off, you stuck fat and we Love you for it.

4 magical weeks of sudden death finals. Think about the number 35 for just how determined our Rooster boys were, 35 you say what’s that about? that’s the average score of our opponents during the finals – yes 35 points against!

Greensborough averaged 102 points a game going in. We kept them to 41. That’s game, set and match.

So the cup was won, the song sung loud and proud in a shower of beer and we ticked the Final box. What a ride. The party raged long into the night at our Spiritual home.

Sunday we were back for more at a very pleasant Sunday vote count, with not one but Two Cups to keep us company.

To the committee congratulations on another outstanding year and Thank you for all your tireless work, enjoy a rest for a little while, you have earned it.

Another big shout out to our Amazing Sponsors, without your support none of this would be possible, make sure you continue to support them and tell em where your from when you do.

All 4 senior sides making finals, another great year for the juniors, I think we’ve done alright in 2019, and rest assured we’ll continue to stick it up them in 2020

That’s about it, 0-6 to Back to Back Premiers, nice ring to it that, Back to Back!

Back to Back To Back! Now that sounds nice.

I think we’re all ready for a break. To Robbie and the boy’s again congratulations you did us all proud thank you for an Amazing ride, we’re already counting the days.

Don’t forget Presentation night this Thursday. Contact Robyn on 0407112253 if you’ve yet to pay.

Be safe and we’ll see you all at the footy in 2020

West Preston Lakeside 8-5-53
Greensborough 6-5-41


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