19 Sep 19

What a Massive week it is and the Burning Question on everyone’s minds is just what will be for Desert tonight? Kova and the boys are salivating already, just as the rest of us are Salivating for Saturday afternoon.

What a remarkable journey 2019 has been, seriously it’s a bit like one of those Hollywood movies, you know the one, where the underdogs picks themselves up of the canvas, dust’s themselves off and well -Wins….

Just like Stallone in Rocky, The Mighty Ducks, Major League, The Karate Kid, Rocky II to X, Happy Gilmore you get the picture.

Of course it a bit more serious than a Hollywood feel good movie,.We’re back in the big one and a chance for Back to Back for the first time in Club history.

It says a lot about a football club that can be sitting 0-6 and find itself in a Grand Final 16 Games later. Iit says a lot about the Coach, the Players and you our loyal supporters. No one dropped off, everyone stuck fat, the wheel started to turn, it slowly picked up some speed, hit a couple of little speed humps along the way, but is now motoring along at full speed all the way to Preston City Oval Saturday at 2.15 as we take on Greensborough.

Greensborough, What can you say about them, 1 loss for the year, a percentage of 197.90% and won the second semi by 98 points… That’s one impressive season, but come Saturday afternoon, it all means Nothing! Yeah 18-1 is pretty good, but so too is our 13-2 run, we’ve got the two in form teams, going head to head for the ultimate prize, it promises to be a cracker.

When all is said and done, it comes down to One game. The past is history, what happens in the four quarters on Saturday is all that matters.

But before then we have Thursday night at the rooms as always everyone is welcome. Get on down watch the boys go through their paces for one last time in 2019.

Enjoy a feed, some light refreshment and of course hear first hand the naming of the side. I don’t envy the coaches this week as they choose the 22 to tackle the Slime come Saturday. The competition for spots is one of the reasons we’re back in the GF, but that of course means there could be some very disappointed boys who miss out. Make sure we get around those players that might miss a spot, while they may miss out on taking the field. They remain a key reason why were are back at Cramer Street this weekend and a loved member of our Rooster Family.

The club will be hosting a Grand Final morning tea from 11-12 at the rooms on Saturday for all our Wonderful, amazingly generous Sponsors, Parents of players and Volunteers. A nice cup of tea too calm the nerves before heading off to the game.

Saturday night the rooms will be open for the end of season celebration from 6pm onwards, food and entertainment will be provided, Free Entry, bring the family let’s make a great night of it.

Sunday were back at J.E.Moore Park for the senior men/women’s/Reserves and 19’s vote count from 11am. For those hazy heads Bacon and Eggs will be on offer, the bbq will be sizzling all day and pizzas later in the day. As we let our hair down after a massive season.

And we put a full stop on the season with the official senior presentation night on Thursday….

Well that’s about it… Normally this preview would have one of our wonderful sponsors up top, but as this is the last preview for 2019, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of our Sponsors for again supporting the club, your generosity and support is amazing we cannot thank you enough.

So to all our members, before you jump in the car to get what- ever it is you need, go to click on the sponsors tab at the top of the page and if you can’t find what it is your looking for I’d be amazed as we have it all covered. Make sure you support our sponsors during the off season and make sure you let them know you’re a Rooster…..

To Robbie and his coaching staff and our amazing Players – We won’t say good luck. While luck will play it’s part, it will come down to just who wants it more, is prepared to go the extra yard, put the body on the line, take one for the team.

Play well, Play Hard, and bring that Premiership Cup home where it belongs.

Preston City Oval Saturday 2.15.
Prices remain $15 for adults, Concession $8 and Children under 16 free…..
Pre Match entertainment Mike Brady will again sing some of his classic footy songs from 1.55.

See you at the Footy.
Go Roosters.

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