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Thanks for being a Rooster - 2022 Rooster Memberships
08 Apr 22

Now more than ever membership is critical for our club. You’ll have noticed many improvements going on at the club. New TVs, furniture, changerooms, netball, lights, magnificent new honour boards, growth in women's, 19s & juniors etc etc.

Although these have been supported by sponsors and grants, the club still needs to contribute considerably. We want to continue to make improvements and this is where membership kicks in.

Once we start to travel to away senior men's games everyone will need to pay to enter (effectively financing the opposition) unless you’re an adult member of our club where you gain free entry and your dollars go 100% to your club. Membership starts from as little as $30 and we can arrange a package for larger groups.

See Dooga or our wesbite membership page for more details.

As your first reward for being a Rooster Member we will hold a members day with free nibbles & drinks at our next senior women's home game shortly after Easter – between 3pm & 5pm.

So Out We Come, Out We Come To Play! Become a Member Today!

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