NEWS - WPLFC Annual General Meeting - 20 Nov 2019 NEWS

WPLFC Annual General Meeting - 20 Nov 2019
28 Oct 19

The West Preston Lakeside Football Club will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 20th November 2019 at 7.00 pm in the club rooms at J.E. Moore Park.

Apologies and more information available from .

The following special resolution is proposed.


That the WPLFC Constitution as approved and adopted on 25 February 2014 be amended as follows in Part 3, Division 1, Section 8 ‘Membership Classification’, Item (2) ‘Life Member’.

(2) Life Member

  1. Any person may be nominated for consideration as a Life Member of the Club by any two Members of the Club. Nominations must be made in writing by completing ‘The Life Membership Nomination Form’ and must be sent to the Secretary no later than July 31st.
  2. The Candidate must satisfy the criteria as outlined in the Club’s Life Membership Policy and Procedure to be eligible for Nomination.
  3. Satisfaction of subrule 2(a) or 2(b) does not infer automatic granting of Life Membership.
  4. The Committee shall vote to elect a Life Member as per the process outlined in the Club’s Life Membership Policy and Procedure.
  5. A Life Member shall have full privileges of the Club, involving voting rights, and shall not be obliged to pay any further subscriptions or levies.

             i. All people who are current Life Members of the West Preston Football Club (WPFC), Reservoir Lakeside
                Football Club (RLFC), West Preston Junior Football Club (WPJFC) are Life Members of the WPLFC.

Constitutional changes are available for viewing at the clubrooms and are also available for download below.

Feedback is welcome and we encourage those who have queries or would like more information to contact the club secretary prior to the meeting.  Please direct enquiries to club secretary.


To exercise a voting right at the Annual General Meeting you must be a financial member of the WPLFC.

Proxy vote

A member entitled to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting may appoint a person to attend and vote at the meeting as the member’s proxy. A proxy must be a member of WPLFC Inc.

A proxy may be appointed by returning the proxy form (attached) to the secretary via email at least 24 hours before the commencement of the meeting. 

WPLFC 2019-20 Nomination form.doc
WPLFC Proxy Form 2019.pdf
Constitutional Amendments to Life Membership.pdf
Life Membership Policy and Procedure

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