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Winter blues?
10 May 19

Heading into the rainy, cold winter months, we’re reminded that it doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done or how much money you make: mental health issues don’t discriminate.

One in five Australians are diagnosed with mental illness every year and many more experience the symptoms of poor mental health.

No matter where you have come from, or where you are going, help is always available.

The Club welfare officers are here to support you and rest assured all interactions are fully confidential. See the club welfare contacts page for more information.

Get help, be helped, have hope.

2019 Welfare Contacts

Chaplain – Andrew Vines – 0403 316 949,

Welfare Officer – Sean Golledge – 0417 357 198,

Welfare Officer – Jane Delos – 0409 020 971,

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